Sleep.  Eat.  Poop.  That’s what dogs (and cats) do.  Lucky animals!

Max, the big shepherd mix, was a very sweet dog.  He passed away in 2009 at the age of 12.  This site was named after him. : )

Norma, the medium brindle-colored dog, is our empath who needs Prosac.

And Porter, the small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup, is a love with the cutest mug and a penchant for chewing the top of a newly opened Poland Spring water jug.

We now have a kitty named Pippa (after Philippa Middleton), who is a dog trapped inside a cat’s body.

Yep, it’s a Dog’s Life for sure.  Three of ‘em, to be exact.

Eat. Poop.  Sleep.

That’s what dogs do.

It sure is a dog’s life!